So, you don’t simply wish to make cash online?… .you need to make fast money online! You don’t have the time to read some e-book or the money to join any systems or programs?. You need cash?… .and fast?. Here are just a couple of ideas that you just will turn to if you’re desperate…You  can get paid money while you listen to your favorite music and quitting smoking tobacco

The following are ten websites that pay you to listen to music.


At Welocalize, you can make money by means of listening to and transcribing music. In other phrases, you simply type out the lyrics of the song and submit them to get paid.

They give you $4 per transcribed song through a HyperWallet account.


 At Genius, you may additionally get paid to transcribe music lyrics. You simply need to be searching for their Lyrics associate job openings. you will need to be 18 years of age or older, capable of work with tight deadlines and be excellent with spreadsheets.

Slice the Pie

SliceThePie lets you make money by listening to music and reviewing it. You get paid through PayPal after accumulating $10. Use referral code: U462C13E


HitPredictor lets you earn money by reviewing songs you listen to based on how much you like it. You can also refer people to earn even more money. You get paid via gift cards and other items.

Music XRay

Music XRay allows you to make money ($0.10 per song) listening to at least the first 30 seconds of a song. You get paid through PayPal once you earn $20.


UniqueRewards pays you to listen to internet radio if you’re a resident of the US, UK, or Canada. Check back every 30 minutes to show them you’re still listening. You get paid through PayPal once you have $20.

Research FM pays you Amazon gift cards to give feedback on songs. You can use it on many different devices and it is open to people living around the world.


Earnably is another brand that is partnered with RadioLoyalty. They also offer additional ways to make money online.

Blogs like Pitchfork

Another way to make probably the most money from listening to music is by starting your own blog like Pitchfork. You do something similar to them and review music, breaking news, do top 10 lists of your favorite new albums, etc.

Then, you just monetize the blog with ads, merch, and other things.

Playlist Push

At Playlist Push, you basically earn money to be a curator of music using playlists. when you have a few playlists with at least four hundred followers on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, you may apply to be a curator.

when you come to be a curator on Playlist Push, you could get paid as much as $12 per song through PayPal to allow artists to put their songs in your playlist.

Quit smoking and get paid

So many heavy smokers are struggling to quit smoking for the benefits of their health. Do you smoke tobacco? Here is great news you may get paid to quit smoking and make as much as $2,000 

get paid to end smoking? sure, that’s right. There’s plenty of organizations and possibly your company who’ll really pay you cash to stop smoking or compensate for those precious tobacco whiffs in a few other manners.

Glaringly, you’ll wonder, why would they pay you to quit smoking? companies are concerned about your health however that’s not the only purpose.

Reasons You get paid to quit Smoking

Here are some shockers from the latest record from the office of the surgeon general. Over 20 million Americans have died as a direct result of smoking between 1964 and 2014.

Among those, 2.5 million Americans lost their lives due to exposure to second-hand smoke from smoker colleagues, buddies, roommates and relatives.

More than 100,000 infants have died between 1964 and 2014 from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), headaches of premature birth, low birth weight and other pregnancy issues of parental smoking.

Smoking causes premature deaths of about half of one million people every 12 months.

Economic losses because of smoking and smoke exposure stand at whopping $300 billion per year.

Direct medical expenses on smokers and people uncovered to second-hand smoke stand over $130 billion per year.

Loss of productivity because of smoking-related causes is approximately $150 billion annually.

In the US, about 87 percent of lung cancer deaths are due to smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke.

Smoking accounts for 32 percent of coronary coronary heart disease.

Over 79 percent of cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder arise because of smoking.

Additionally, the report ‘health consequences of Smoking: surgeon general fact Sheet’ also says there’s a 50 percent rise in disease amongst women because of smoking between 1964 and 2014. Lung cancer risk amongst female smokers suggests 10-fold growth.

As you would notice, those data are alarming enough for every company. Drop-in productivity because of smoking and related disease directly affects your employer and society. numerous employees die every 12 months because of smoking-related disease.

To prevent those deaths and lack of productivity at work, numerous organizations and employers really pay you to quit smoking.

Whilst 70 percent of smokers want to quit tobacco, they find no incentives to stop smoking. therefore, these rewards are on offer if you wish to kick the addiction.

Getting Paid to quit Smoking

In case you’re among those majority of smokers that desire to bid adieu to smoke and want incentives, there’s good news. you may make up to $2,000 by merely becoming an ex-smoker. And here’s how you can make this cash.

this is a Federal initiative. lists various upcoming and ongoing medical trials for smokers that desire to quit the habit. Generally, these organizations pay smokers to take part in their trials for tobacco cessation merchandise and techniques.

You’ll find an entire list of organizations that need smokers for their medical trials including details whether they’re recruiting participants or not.

Find a medical trial for smoking cessation in your area and sign up. normally, these organizations pay between $300 and $500 per trial, depending upon the duration and other factors.

savings on medical insurance

You get paid to quit smoking by health insurance companies, even though not directly. under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies have the right to charge up to 50 percent higher premiums on health plans for smokers.

No discounts are covered in the amended Act for smokers. subsequently, you may be paying double the cost of an ordinary health plan for family and self if you are a smoker.

This can work to an amazing $300 to $500 extra premium a year or maybe higher, depending upon the health plan and insurer.

Want to save this large sum of money on medical insurance? There’s free help to be had, again from the USA authorities. visit

This website is a goldmine of resources for everyone that wants to kick the tobacco addiction. you can create a personal tobacco cessation program, get online help from specialists, download apps to assist quit smoking and get lots of other free stuff.

free Nicotine Patches, a website offers free nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges to residents of Minnesota that are 18 and above. visit the website and sign up to get a week free supply of nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges as a starter kit.

This free starter package might otherwise cost you between $150 and $200, in case you buy online, from a local pharmacy or supermarket.

While registering, you’ve to provide some details to, especially your medical history. A physician at will assess your physical fitness before the organization mails you the free starter kit to quit smoking.

Any other organization, offers free nicotine patches to Asian-language speakers and callers to their helpline that live with kids below 5 years age in California. You can find similar programs to your state too.

Incentives from Employers

Society for Human resources management (SHRM) 2018 employee benefit Survey report says, 16 percent of American employers offer a discount on health insurance to employees that don’t smoke or use other tobacco products.

About 10 percent of employers offer discounts on health plans to those participating in smoking cessation programs. And, 18 percent of employers impose a penalty on employees that smoke.

This means you may save substantially on employer-sponsored medical insurance simply through quitting smokes.

A survey with the aid of the vitality group clearly reveals employees are willing to kick smoking addiction if they get some cash incentives from their employers. A report quoting the survey says, it costs employers $3,000 to $6,000 per year to hire smokers in comparison to non-smokers.

therefore, such incentives and tobacco cessation plans make sense. At the same time, there are several American companies, small and huge, that pay a bonus of $500 or more per year for employees that quit smoking.

Religion-based organizations

You might also get some money and other assistance from religion-based organizations to quit smoking.

Center for disease control & Prevention (CDC) has a list of such organizations that are partnering with the Federal government to encourage their followers to quit smoking. You’ll absolutely find such a religion-based organization in your area.

Other than offering free resources, some of these organizations may also offer cash incentives to kick the tobacco vice.

But, each religion-based organization would have its own criteria to be eligible for any incentives. usually, they offer plenty of religion-based support in case you’re serious about giving up tobacco for good.

Tax savings on Cigarettes

Depending upon where you live in America, you may be paying anything between $4.35 and 17 Cents as taxes on every p.c. of cigarettes.

State administrations levy heavy taxes on cigarettes hoping it would prevent people from smoking. unfortunately, high taxes haven’t shown to be a major factor to make people give up smoking.

The number of cigarettes an American woman or man smokes per day varies steeply. Approximately 680,000 Americans smoke more than 40 cigarettes every day whilst 11.5 percent consume between 11 and 19 cigarettes a day.

Depending on what number of cigarettes you consume daily, it’s easy to calculate how much extra money you are spending as taxes on tobacco every year.


Quitting smoking is beneficial for your health, as each medical research proves. And it’s beneficial for the environment too. However, the majority don’t quit smoking for various reasons.

when we smoke, the nicotine from the burning tobacco enters our bloodstream through the lungs and soothes the brain.

This anti-stress effect is what drives people to select the smoking habit. however, smoking isn’t injurious only to your health: It affects several other things around us, especially family and colleagues.

Consequently, giving up cigarettes is an excellent concept. and even better when you get paid to quit smoking.


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